Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Cold Wind's A-Blowin'

It's time we break the ugly cycle of Super Bowls being played in moderate to warm climates. It's no wonder that the game has taken a backseat to festivities and capitalism when hordes of well-to-do socialites can leisurely gather and not have to worry about one of their precious appendages freezing over. There is a direct correlation between weather conditions and excitement level. An added element of survival makes the crowd an active participant rather than a mere spectator. A short list of examples, "Tuck Rule Game," "Ice Bowl," all games Favre played at Lambeau below 32 degrees and all games Elway played at Mile High during blizzard conditions.

This season's Super Bowl will be held in Tampa Bay and next year's will be in Miami. There have been 12 Super Bowls played in these two sunny cities over the years. I'm sure many in attendance appreciated their experience, but how can we be sure? It's time we reward the warrior fans in Pittsburgh, Philly, Denver, Chicago, Kansas City and (only for the sake of trying to maintain some objectivity in this post) Boston. I respect the gesture of the two Detroit, one Minneapolis and the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowls, but the fans deserve better than a dome.

Listen up Goodie Proctor! If you end this nonesense and give the Super Bowl to one of the fine cities above, I may start to forget about your role in creating the NFL Network.